SOSA Cold Confit Copeaux - Lemon (1.25kg)

SOSA Cold Confit Copeaux - Lemon (1.25kg)

Product Code: 44201500

Price: £30.33

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Product Information

SOSA Cold Confit Lemon Copeaux are short strips of Lemon peel produced at low temperature and under pressure to preserve more flavour and use less sugar. The finished product has a very natural fruit taste. Use as a garnish for pastries; desserts or to add Lemon flavour. Fold into ice cream or sorbet or incorporate into chocolate bars or ganache. Perfect size for canapes and petit fours.

Shipping Weight: 1400.00 gms

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Q: How long does this last once opened?

A: Once opened it must be kept in the fridge and should last six months. It can also be vacuum packed and kept in the fridge