Deco-Relief Coloured Cocoa Butter - Orange

Deco-Relief Coloured Cocoa Butter - Orange

Product Code: CH451

Price: £21.59 (including VAT)

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Product Information

Orange cocoa butter from Deco-Relief. 200g bottle suitable for colouring chocolate and painting figures.

Shipping Weight: 250.00 gms

Ask a question about this product.

Q: Hi a question about Deco-Relief Orange Cocoa Butter, do I just add a few drops to white chocolate or does it need to be a mixture if white chocolate and cocoa butter?

A: Cocoa butter colours are designed to be used directly on the chocolate or inside the mould before the chocolate is poured in.

Q: Please can you provide a list of ingredients?

A: Cocoa butter and E110 (colouring)

Q: Could I use the choco butter colour directly in the air brush? Or I need to add other liquid to thinner the colour before I spay on the mould?

A: It is possible but not recommended as the cocoa butter can solidify in the airbrush - and once it has, it is impossible to clean.