Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees

Product Code: C2

Price: £3.75 (including VAT)

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Product Information

  • Item Length (mm): 57.15
  • Item Width (mm): 38.1
  • Item Depth: 12.7
  • Number of Cavities: 9
  • Size of Mould: 20cm x 26cm

Item dimensions (approx): 57mm (length) x 38mm (width)

Shipping Weight: 48.00 gms

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Q: Hello,I am looking at the cooling of my production, we have used other chocolate fridges (Chocolate World) with mixed results and would like to know how your units control humidity (is it a trace heater or other method) and what guarantees are given regarding humidity?Thanks

A: The humidity is controlled through a precision humidity sensor (degree of accuracy 1.5%) and this achieves the level humidity that has been programmed - the level of humidity can be set from 40% to 80% (for chocolate we recommend 45%). The system has been designed to be accurate yet gentle when moving the humidity to the set value. The dehumidification process is achieved through sophisticated electronic management of the refrigeration system. Tecnomac have hundreds of these machines working in chocolate labs, with very positive results.

Q: Do you know what weight (approx) a half shell of chocolate in this size would be? thanks, jane

A: Sorry the manufacturer doesn't provide any information as they say that it will depend on the thickness you wish to make the egg. I would imagine it would be just under 100g

Q: How many bars does this make?

A: Six bars per mould

Q: Do you know the size of each of the cavities and the chocolate weight?

A: Approx 95mm x 54mm - weight approx 35g

Q: Does it come with the base which is shown in the picture or i have to buy the base separately? if it is separate, what is the product code of the base

A: This is the mould to make the base that holds the insert card. There is a magnetic mould that makes the insert card - the code is PDR9031 and can be ordered on request - price 36.87 including VAT

Q: How many holes are in this mould?and what volume of ganache would be needed for the entire tray? and how much would each truffle weigh when filled? Dome truffle praline polycarbonate mould.Thank you!

A: There are 35 cavities on this mould (7 x 5) and the manufacturer shows the total weight of the finished chocolate at approximately 20.5g

Q: Hi, does this chocolate fridge require drainage, or just electricity?Thanks

A: No - just plug in and you are ready to go

Q: Shipping cost for delivery to the Bosnia and Herzegovina?

A: There is a shipping calculator on our website (built into the mini shopping basket on the right). Alternatively, you can email or phone your order through to us and we will use the cheapest shipping method.