Callebaut Praline Filling - 1kg tub

Callebaut Praline Filling - 1kg tub

Product Code: PRA-CLAS-660

Price: £13.16

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Product Information

Praline paste with the unique flavour of a traditionally-made product, based on caramelised sugar.

Shipping Weight: 1150.00 gms

Ask a question about this product.

Q: hello, my name is Isabel Amorim, Im work with chocolate , I would like to know where I can use this produt Barry Callebaut era line filling, thank you.

A: You can use PRA-CLAS-660 as a praline filling straight away

Q: How long does this last once opene please?

A: The product will last the length of its sell by date assuming it is stored correctly - in a cool, dark place, properly sealed. There may be some separation of the oil but mixing the product will resolve this.

Q: Just wondering what nuts this praline is made with?

A: The ingredients are 50% hazelnut, plus sugar, emulsifier & soya lecithin

Q: Can we add other ingredients to this filling? For example, chilli flakes or chilli jelly.

A: You can add other ingredients as long as they don't contain water (so chilli jelly wouldn't work)

Q: I purchased this product in the summer time, it's being stored in a dark cool cubard,. I was hoping to make some chocolates with it I have some moulds such as mice etc the use by date is February 2015. Have you got any ideas of what I can do with it please ? as I don't want to waste it maybe some Christmas ideas?Thankyou for your time Gina

A: This product is really designed as a filling for pralines - so if you want to make chocolates with a christmas theme you could use mould C125 If there has been some separation of the oils in the praline paste - simply remix the paste.

Q: HiIs this product kosher? Does it have a OU sign on it?

A: This product is kosher milky - but is not cholov yosroel. Also it has a K symbol - not OU

Q: Are there other fillings--mint creme ect

A: Sorry - we don't do any other 'ready' fillings - however you can use SOSA Freeze Dried Fruit Crispies and Popping Candy as inclusions.