Barry Callebaut Milk Chocolate - 2.5kg Bulk Pack - Callets

Barry Callebaut Milk Chocolate - 2.5kg Bulk Pack - Callets

Product Code: 823NV-T70

Price: £22.23 (including VAT)

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Product Information


High quality milk couverture with balanced milk, cocoa and caramel taste.

Ideal For

Honey Cubes, Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate nut spread, Fruit Sauce, Buche, Praline, Biscuits, Truffles

Taste Profile


Cocoa solids - 33.6%, Sugar - 42%, Whole milk powder - 21.8%, Soya lecithin, Flavour - Natural Vanilla

Milk solids - 12.6%



Shipping Weight: 2650.00 gms

Ask a question about this product.

Q: Is this chocolate already tempered?

A: Yes but when you melt it - it will go out of temper which is why it is always best to temper chocolate even if it is pre-tempered.

Q: Barry Callebaut Milk Chocolate - 2.5kg Bulk Pack - Callets Can I use this chocolate on the chocolate fountain?Do you have smaller pack of it?

A: We only sell this product in 2.5kg sacks and it can be used in a chocolate fountain although depending on the design of the fountain, you may need to add some cocoa butter or vegetable oil to make it more fluid.

Q: Hi I am hoping to use this with favors I am making for my wedding in April 2016. I have milk bottles that I am filling with drinking chocolate and want to add some choc chips. Would these be suitable would they melt well in Milk and taste good ?Thanks in advanced for your helpSiobhan Ryan

A: It is difficult to mix the melted chocolate drops with the milk unless you have a blender. As far as taste is concerned, it depends on the quality of the drinking chocolate.