Barry Callebaut Dark Chocolate - 2.5kg Bulk Pack - Callets

Barry Callebaut Dark Chocolate - 2.5kg Bulk Pack - Callets

Product Code: 811NV-T70

Price: £17.89 (including VAT)

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Product Information


Finest Belgian dark chocolate - very popular, high quality dark couverture with well balanced bitter cocoa taste.

Ideal For

Truffles, Brownies, Cake, Savarin, Caramel

Taste Profile


Cocoa mass - 53.8%, Sugar - 44%, Soya lecithin, Flavour - Natural Vanilla



Shipping Weight: 2650.00 gms

Ask a question about this product.

Q: Please could you tell me if this product is suitable for vegans?

A: This product is only suitable for vegetarians - the 5kg block (811NV -120) is suitable for vegans

Q: Hi. could you please tell me if this product if suitable for tempering at home.thanks in advance.

A: Yes it is - the best source of information on how to temper is

Q: Hello. Could you tell me if this chocolate is suitable for nut-allergy sufferers?Also, what are the shipping rates to mainland Europe?

A: Yes - this product is nut-free. You can check the shipping rates by using the Calculate Shipping Cost link in the shopping basket.

Q: HI! could you please tell me which of your chocolate doesn't need tempering? Thanks. Marina

A: Sorry but we recommend that all of our chocolate is tempered before use. Even though the chocolate is supplied tempered, as soon you melt it, it is extremely difficult to prevent it going out of temper. If you are worried about tempering chocolate - it is worth attending our very popular 'Art of Chocolate Tempering' course - which is hands-on and will teach you lots of different ways to temper chocolate.

Q: is this coverture??

A: Yes it is

Q: Please can we consider that this reference is pareve? thank you

A: Unfortunately not - the only certified pareve chocolate that we do is The 811NV is only certified pareve in 5kg blocks