Chocolate Making Kit

Chocolate Making Kit

Product Code: ChocolateKit

Price: £31.50 (including VAT)

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Product Information

Great value chocolate making kit:


1 x AO-55 Bite Sized Pieces 1 Easy-to-Use Chocolate Mould

1 x C183 Bite Size Presents Easy-to-Use Chocolate Mould

1 x AO-56 Bite Sized Pieces 2 Easy-to-Use Chocolate Mould

5 x GB3 Four Choc Boxes - Shiny Gold

5 x GB1 125g Ballotins - Shiny Gold

10 x Elasticated Gold Bows

1 x RTF1 Scraper

1 x TH1 Chocolate Thermometer

1 x 12g Tempering Aid

1 x Belcolade 35% Milk Belgian Chocolate Couverture -1kg bag

1 x Instruction/Recipe Sheet

Total cost of items if bought separately - 33.35

Shipping Weight: 1350.00 gms

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Q: Hi I would like to buy a chocolate making set to use to make chocolates for my partner for valentines. I have never made chocolate before, would this set be appropriate for home use? its hard to see what its like as there isnt any pictures.Many ThanksElsa

A: Yes - this kit contains the basic items you need to start making chocolates at home. If you just wish to make solid chocolates or bars - then it would be better to buy the specific moulds, plus the chocolate you require, tempering aid and a thermometer. Alternatively, we are happy to substitute the Easy to Use Moulds in the kit with other Easy to Use Moulds from our range. Simply, let us know in the Additional Information section when you check out.

Q: Hi,What is the tempering aid? And what is the difference between the tempering aid in the chocolate making kit compared to the tempering aid in the profressional starter kit?I look forward to hearing from you.Kind regardsKaren

A: There are many different ways to temper chocolate - Using Mycryo (tempering aid) is one such method and for some people is the easiest. There is no difference between the tempering aid in either kit