Cacao Barry 4cm Half Sphere Polycarbonate Chocolate Mould

Cacao Barry 4cm Half Sphere Polycarbonate Chocolate Mould

Product Code: PM164

Price: £31.91 (including VAT)

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Product Information

Professional, heavy duty, half sphere, polycarbonate chocolate mould.

Size per Cavity: 40mm x 40mm x H 20mm

Cavities per Mould: 15

Please note that in most cases we will ship polycarbonate mould PMC11285 which contains 15 x 41mm half spheres.

Shipping Weight: 415.00 gms

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Q: Can I create a sphere using two of the PMC 11285 moulds

A: In principle yes, but in practice it is difficult because PMC11285 is designed to be used as part of a set of two moulds for spinning - and as such as a small rim around the perimeter of the cavity which makes it difficult to scrape across the back of the mould