Avanguardia by Fabrizio Fiorani

Avanguardia by Fabrizio Fiorani

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Product Information

Avanguardia recognizes sweetness as a central role in the reader's experience. A book about the "real" pastry culture, to touch and browse, page by page, texture by texture.

A book focused on the future but of a pastry to live as a metamorphosis, made of technology at the service of taste, through visions and renewed classics (not reinterpreted),  that give a contemporary perspective of our artisan pastry.

Avanguardia provides another model of beauty. Not a discovery and creative performances. It is a question of aesthetic ethics, in which the artisanal construction of a recipe "becomes beautiful and tasteful" by means of technology. And those that once seemed to be future predictions, in these pages become the unmissable already existing.

Of taste, by Fabrizio Fiorani.

Language: Italian & English

Pages: 440

Shipping Weight: 4000.00 gms

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Be the first to ask a question about this product.