So Good Magazine - Issue 22

So Good Magazine - Issue 22

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So Good Magazine - Issue 22 - Paperback English - 304 pages

Pierre Hermé - The pastry that is served

Lauren V. Haas - The pastry of dreams

Philippe Givre - The well thought out pastry

Yann Menguy - We make an identity pastry,creativity is the slogan

Marta Martín - Air collection

Pieter de Volder - Simple on the outside, powerful on the inside

Guillaume Schoppohoven - Geometric viennoiserie

Bart de Gans & Maurits van der Vooren - Collision

Nicolas Houchet - The gesture that makes the difference

Luis Amado - That detail that changes everything

Melissa Walnock - Find a way to make it happen

Javier Guillén - Experiential

Saray Ruiz - Interior life

Graham Mairs - Water, fire, earth, ether

Roberto Cortez - A unique piece

Hideki Kawamura - Sense changes and sensibility evolves

Antonio Bachour - A different repertoire

Nicolas Boussin - Commitment

Jordan Kahn - Building Block


Jérôme de Oliveira, Julien Alvarez,Quentin Bailly and Etienne Leroy at Fully Baked Story - Musketeer spirit

Niklesh Sharma - Leading the new patisserie in Asia

Ramon Morató - A new approach to ganache II

Joris Vanhee - Chocolate glazes in depth Understanding mistakes to shine.

Blanca del Noval - The value of kernels and stale bread

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Be the first to ask a question about this product.