So Good Magazine - Issue 19

So Good Magazine - Issue 19

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So Good Magazine 19 - Paperback English - 304 pages

Packed with ideas, recipes, styles and features on every aspect of modern gastronomy from experts around the world. Includes features on pastry, chocolate, colour, flavour, baking, creativity and philosophy in the kitchen:


This issues features:

Yann Brys,
Creative yes, but above all, gourmand

Christophe Adam,
Conquering the world

Alex Stupak,
Pastry was just the beginning

Enric Monzonis,
Soup-sauces, ice creams, and fermentations... Cuisine sneaks into pastry

Russ Thayer,
Searching for the boundaries of chocolate

Scott Green,
Declaration of principles

Jordi Bordas,
The power of knowledge

Francisco Migoya,
Inside out

Amaury Guichon,
‘It’s too pretty… I don’t want to eat it’

Kirsten Tibballs,
Positive patisserie

Jerome Landrieu,
One decade transmitting the values of haute pâtisserie

Gianluca Fusto,
Projective pastry

David Wesmaël,
Demonstrating the possibilities of ice cream

Gustavo Sáez,
Formal in the day, daring at night

Alberto Barrero,
Simplicity as art

Rory Macdonald,
Desserts in a dimly-lit bar

Nicolas Lambert,
The right balance of textures

Fabrice Danniel,
When inspiration comes from nature

Ksenia Penkina,
Going out of the comfort zone

Hisahi Onobayashi,
Believing in the power of ingredients

Rhian Shellsear,
Australian-style ferments

Asia Pastry Forum,
Creating a school of followers in Malaysia

Frank Vollkommer,
Designing décors

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