HOTCHOC Heated Spray Gun for Chocolate & Cocoa Butter

HOTCHOC Heated Spray Gun for Chocolate & Cocoa Butter

Product Code: LM3

Price: £418.80 (including VAT)

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Product Information

The new ‘HOTCHOC’ is heated and insulated spray gun that constantly keeps pre-heated chocolate (or cocoa butter) warm while spraying.

No need to reheat the container every few minutes! No rush to spray! No more worries about clogging nozzles and awkward nozzle-reheating with a hot air blower! These times are over.

The special heating unit encasing the KREBS gun nozzle keeps the chocolate warm. The ‘HOTCHOC’ is also equipped with a metal suction tube that further transmits the chocolate’s heat, and the external insulated container cover avoids the rapid cooling of the chocolate.

No need for compressed air – the ‘HOTCHOC’ is ‘plug & play’ – simple, reliable and easy to use! The ‘HOTCHOC’ has also been configured specifically to be powerful enough to deliver 50/50 mixture with a nice coat, whilst minimising the typical overspray issue experienced with air guns.

Shipping Weight: 1750.00 gms


Ask a question about this product.

Q: Can I use this to airbrush moulds using coloured cocoa butter? thanks

A: Yes if you want to spray the whole mould in one colour. For spraying fine detail (like a line of colour) you need the Aerograph heated air brush. For more information email

Q: May i have it powered with 60 hz 110 VAC? Thanks

A: The version we sell is just 230V 50Hz - you would need to contact Kreb in Switzerland to find out if they do a 110V 60Hz version