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    SOSA Trehalosa (700g)
    SOSA Trehalosa (700g)
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    • SOSA Trehalosa (700g)

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    SOSA Trehalosa delays the retrogression of starch and the denaturation of proteins. Resistant to freezing, it is a cryoprotectant and prevents the formation of ice crystals in ice-cream. It enhances flavours and prevents oxidation of fruit and vegetables allowing them to dry and giving them a very crunchy texture. It is not involved in Maillard reactions. Stable in heat and acid. It also repels moisture in dry products like sweets, dried caramelised fruit, biscuits, sablé cookies and dried meringues. In addition, it delays dessication and increases the volume of whipped doughs like sponge cakes, mochi, sushi, etc and acts as a stabiliser in whipped cream, mousse and meringues. It allows for crunchy sweets to be made starting at 120 °C. When added to puff pastry to a maximum of 2%, it helps to increase volume and crunch. Any production with aqueous content, and also high levels of fat. Observations: POD 45%, PAC 100%.

    Dosage: Use between 10%-30% as a substitute for normal sugar. In some productions like dried meringues, up to 100% of the sugar content can be replaced.

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