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    SOSA Gelespessa (Xanthan Gum) (500g)
    SOSA Gelespessa (Xanthan Gum) (500g)
    Purchase SOSA Gelespessa (Xanthan Gum) (500g)
    • SOSA Gelespessa (Xanthan Gum) (500g)

    • Product Code: 37874

      Price: £16.24

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    SOSA Gelespessa (Xanthan Gum) is a carbohydrate bacterial fermentation of corn starch that is used as thickening agent, emulsifier and suspensor. Use in any kind of liquid with water content higher than 80%. Dissolve in cold or hot, mix with hand blender. Heat resistant, allows freezing, thermo irreversible.

    Suggested Dosage: 6g-15g/kg

    Size: 500g

    Old Product Code: 58050011