SELMI ONE Continuous Tempering Machine - 12kg tank

SELMI ONE Continuous Tempering Machine - 12kg tank

Product Code: SELMI-ONE-Continuous-Tempering-Machine

Price: £8,400.00 (including VAT)
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Product Information

Entry level continuous tempering machine that offers fast melting and tempering of chocolate. Incorporates a low voltage heated vibrating table together with a volumetric dosing facility with pedal to control the flow of chocolate.

Technical Data

Tank capacity: 12kg. Maximum tempering capability: 55kg.

Power consumption: 1.0kW - three-phase, 5 poles.

Cooling system: 900 frigories/h.

Dimensions: H 1470mm, W 380mm, D 730mm (W with heated vibrating table: 670mm)


Compact size.

Ideal for chocolatiers, patisseries, bakers and ice cream parlours.

220V single phase connection available at extra cost.

Tempers 12kg of chocolate in 7 minutes.

Price shown above is for the three phase version and includes delivery, post delivery check, on-site training and VAT

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Shipping Weight: 200000.00 gms


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Q: How do you clean this machine if you don't use it all the time. Say if you don't use it all the time.

A: If you wish to change from milk or dark to white chocolate - or vice versa - then the SELMI COLOR EX which has a removable Archimedean screw would be a better choice as it allows the machine to be cleaned thoroughly inside. On the SELMI ONE you can decant all of the chocolate until nothing else comes out - and that will leave around 400g of chocolate inside of the Achimedean screw.