Belcolade 35% Milk Belgian Chocolate Couverture -1kg bag

Belcolade 35% Milk Belgian Chocolate Couverture -1kg bag

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Product Information


1kg bag - the Belcolade Selection Lait range of milk chocolate is made with 100% natural vanilla and cocoa butter. This is a 35% milk chocolate with the perfect balance between sweet, milky and cocoa taste

Taste Profile


Cacao 35%

Shipping Weight: 1100.00 gms

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Q: Hello, are you able to let me know how long you can keep the chocolates after you have made them/given them as gifts. Thank you

A: If the chocolate is tempered properly then the shelf life of the chocolates will be that of the shortest shelf life ingredient you use. Bear in mind that the chocolates will need to be stored in an appropriate way - i.e. free of moisture and at 15-18 degrees C

Q: Helo, please can you let me know if I would need to temper this product to dip ganache? I need a milk chocolate to dip my ganache in but I don't want the chocolates to be sticky when they have set and are in a warm atmosphere? Thank you for your help.

A: Yes you would.

Q: Hi, What are the ingredients for this chocolate please?

A: Sugar - Cocoa butter - Whole milk powder - Cocoa mass - Emulsifier: soy lecithin (E322) - Natural vanilla flavouring

Q: Hi,Please adivse as to the percentage of sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass etc.Thank you

A: Sugar - 43.2%, Cocoa Butter - 22.7%, Whole Milk Powder - 22.4%, Cocoa Mass - 11.2%, Soy Lecithin - 0.5%, Natural Vanilla Flavouring - less than 0.5%

Q: MILK SOLIDS - Could you please tell me the percentage of milk solids in milk and 55% dark chocolate?Many thanks.

A: The Milk Chocolate has 22/4% of Whole Milk Powder. The Dark Chocolate has none